Sugar Skull Hot Sauce

Rob Davis, creator and owner of Sugar Skull Hot Sauce, grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina – enjoying the flavors of home cooking. Since an early age these mountains have been a special place for him. While traveling and working in the food industry in his twenties, he found an almost therapeutic passion for creating tasty meals for friends and family. While on a late night amazon shopping spree, he was inspired by a “brew at home” hot sauce kit. From there, he branched out to try his own recipes using flavors that complement all of his favorite foods. 

His homemade creations were enjoyed by friends for a few years, but Rob wasn’t completely comfortable with charging any money for his creations. Instead, he accepted donations to his favorite charity, Veterans Healing Farm, in Hendersonville, NC. As demand for his sauces increased, Rob realized that he could expand his production and continue to support his local community. Sugar Skull Hot Sauce, LLC was born from this desire to better his community through delicious flavor! He continues to manage each step of the process, and personally tastes each batch to make sure it lives up to his expectations.

Sugar Skull Hot Sauce Is proud to donate a portion of our yearly gross profit to support local Veteran’s Charities in WNC. Charities like Veteran’s Healing Farm have been past recipients. Their mission is to foster a thriving micro-community of veterans and civilians who build deep friendships and cultivate emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Additionally, they support our nation's veterans by growing and donating high-quality fruits, vegetables, and flower bouquets to veterans and their caregivers free of charge.

Please Enjoy Sugar Skull Hot Sauce, and be sure to check out Veteran’s Healing Farm! Now, 'Rattle Them Bones!' and kick your favorite dishes up a notch!